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Shamanic Reiki- In person or Distant
60 mins | $82


Shamanic Reiki is a  combination of reiki with the spiritual-journeying practices of shamanism. The practitioner relies on guidance from their Reiki guide to energize chakras. This is done by placing hands on (or above) the client's body and channeling energy with the aim of relaxing, revitalizing, and releasing emotional energy blocks. Shamanic Reiki may also lead the client on a spiritual journey to solve specific issues and shift awareness. 


So, what to expect during a Shamanic Reiki session? A typical session consists of an initial consultation. The client will lie down, fully clothed and with their eyes closed.  The practitioner channels reiki energy, touching (or holding their hands over) certain areas of the client's body. During the session, the practitioner might use rocks or crystals, sounds, and/or plants (burning sage, for example) to perform specific shamanic techniques. They might engage the client in conversation—or not. The client might feel relaxed or even fall asleep or they might experience tingling or other sensations in their body as energy shifts occur. We are all unique, so the experience will be unique to each client. 

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi

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