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I AM The Compassionate Prism


 Ordained Non-Denominational Minister

Ever-evolving Energy Worker

Specializing in Shamanic Reiki

 Life Enthusiast

 Magical Naturalist

Dream Interpreter

 Crystal Whisperer

Intuitive Artist

 At the Oasis of Compassion

Middlebury, Connecticut

Facets of the Prism

I believe that we are all facets of the Divine Prism. We resonate with our own unique frequency of light and shadow.  In my travels, I have connected with many amazing humans. One of these beings might be just what or who you are looking for!

*Note: The Compassionate Prism and I are in no way affiliated                                 with these businesses or individuals.  


Melissa Maknis

Magical Consultant 

Creative Artist, Fantasy Photographer &  Honoring Ancestors Class Facilitator.  

Middlebury, Connecticut

image0 (5).jpeg

Michelle Santa-Maria Kahn 

Magical Apothecary, Entrepreneur & Empath

I make magical soap

Mama's Gardens Skin Care


Essex, CT & Watch Hill, RI

 Facets Near & Far

Julie Rose

"Everything is Energy"

Quincy, Massachusetts


Divine Human, Being.

Song Shiva Logo 2-01.png

Christine McNally

"Beannachdan Dhut"
Blessings to you


Search Joshua Inacio in Gmail - Inbox_edited.jpg

Joshua Inacio

Connection is Everything

image0 (12).jpeg

Southwest Trading
80 Church Street-Naugatuck, CT

Nicole Cyr
Postpartum Doula

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