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Above the Clouds

Song Shiva

Seeker of Truth & Light - Spiritual Consultant


Song currently resides on land in the center of our country also known as The Heart of the Dove.

Song travels for her work and is currently offering private sessions & initiations in several locations.

Oasis of Compassion -

The Great Hill - Middlebury, Connecticut

The Angel Cooperative - Ridgefield, Connecticut

The sacred land of Kansas & Missouri  is also known as The Heart of the Dove.

Axis Chriopractic + Wellness - Lee's Summit, MO

mantra - Blue Springs, MO

Song also offers private sessions & initiations in the beautiful Santa Cruz, California area.

A Bit About Song

Song walks the path of service as a seeker of Truth and Light. At the turn of the millennium, Archangel Michael - Archea Faith, the energy of the Goddess and the Ascended Masters would make themselves known to her.


Lady Song is a Golden Key, that supports people to awaken, open, and ascend their consciousness, thus transforming their lives. She shares her gifts with those that are ready to step into their conscious path and purpose. Song serves Gaia as a bridge for Earth and Humanity.


For 20 years, Song's adventuresome spirit has taken her around the globe in service of Mother Earth. She leads Sacred Journeys & Retreats in alignment with Spirit. Other aspects of her work include: Akasha viewing sessions, Archangel Michael-Archea Faith Initiations, mentoring women, private channeling sessions, and a line of wellspring products that activate our body's innate healing capacities. Song's beautiful, fun-loving, rainbow spirit is deeply connected to Being community; while spreading joyful exuberance with those around her.

Her Work 

Akasha Viewing Sessions

Window to the Soul - Akasha Viewing 

The word Akasha in Sanskrit is derived from it's root kāś meaning "to Be”.  Akasha is the subtlest element of existence, recognized by the ancient philosophers.  When the experience of Akasha is revealed, limitlessness becomes the nature of one's Divine Being.  It no longer resides outside of oneself.

Together in these sessions we co-create, with intention, a loving energetic field to connect on a deep level through the eyes. The eyes are known as the Window to the Soul. We call in your Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Ascended Masters and beings of Love & Light.

Dipping into the Akasha, Song transmits this energy (Shakti). It is not uncommon for clients to experience an opening, allowing them to sense the overlaying frequencies as she shifts and changes. Messages and information begin to flow forth, leaving clients with a powerful healing opportunity in the ever present now.

This is a private one-on-one appointment.

Exchange:  $80.00  45 minutes

Archangel Michael - Archea Faith

Platinum Diamond Ascension Initiation

Archangel Michael - Archea Faith Ascension Initiation with Song 


In receiving the ascension initiation, you will receive your conscious acceptance and memory of your service to Archangel Michael and Archea Faith. This initiation will allow a new path of clarity, mission, and purpose to emerge. Other benefits include heightened energy, ability to love yourself and others unconditionally,  release negative patterns, opens your higher Spiritual Chakras.  This initiation is a rebirthing into one's reason for incarnating at this time.

This is a private one-on-one appointment.

Exchange: $111.00

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