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Shamanic Reiki

60 min | $82

As each  client is an individual, The Compassionate Prism's sessions and classes are tailored to suit. Through unity and connection, The Compassionate Prism seeks to raise and amplify vibrational energy through unconditional love. (and a substantial pinch of  humor) Experience the gentle energy of Lady Guanyin in The Oasis of Compassion .

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01 Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki integrates Reiki and Shamanism to serve the highest good of the client.  In person or distance sessions are available.

03 Sage and Singing Bowls

Introduction to a few of my favorite options when cleansing and clearing your space.  This class will go over the  basics as well as discuss the many options available. We will also talk about a variety of methods to raise the vibrational frequency of your space and each participant will be able to get hands on experience.

05  Align with Nature

Nature is one of my most beloved teachers. I will take you on a field trip curated to your individual needs determined by a Q & A previous to our excursion. 

07  Sacred Ceremonies

As an Interfaith Minister, I can officiate your special occasion. I would be honored to create a heartfelt & individualized ceremony, be it a wedding, baptism, funeral, hand-fasting, or home blessing.   

02 Power Animal Discovery

Curious  about Power Animals? Do you have questions like "What are they and where do I get one?" Come with me on a curated Shamanic Journey and we will discover yours and what meanings it holds for you.

04 Tea & Tarot

This is a monthly small group event. Clients questions will be address by card readings or pendulum and will be determined by client/reader communication. Please bring specific questions if you are looking for specific answers. Remember, the answer you get is often unexpected but always for the Highest Good.

 Tea or Coffee and a sweet or savory snack will be provided for in person.

06 Vision Board/Journal

Clarify your vision, hopes and dreams by  creating  a tangible reminder of your intention that will serve to interact and support you in birthing them into this reality.

08     Class: Expressions of Gratitude 

Learn to express Gratitude  through simple means that will enrich your day to day life.

Shamanic Reiki...

Tracey is the real, talented deal.  I went into our 60 minute long-distance Reiki session with no expectations, and left feeling calm, clear, and nurtured. She met with my guides and together they did…well, whatever it is they do. As a friend, her energy is joyful and hilarious and wide open. During the session it felt very quiet and focused- like she had zeroed in on whatever needed love and met it with generosity. I think she's a winning combination of gentleness, respect, and joie de vivre.  

Simone - NYC

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